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Just take photo or scan of your document and email it to us for a free quote or call at

 +44 1327843181 or +447988788539

Our goal:

WIN-WIN, - we really understand and believe in this principle. We want you to be satisfied with the service provided to you and therefore we will be satisfied with a job well done.

English/Polish website translation

Polish website translationTranslating your website  can interest thousands of potential customers from all around the world. Today, the Internet offers another dimension to international marketing and makes it possible for your company to reach new markets as easily as if they were in your own town. 

The economy is currently recovering from a severe crisis and website translation is the key to reaching new markets.  


Document Translation Services

English Polish document translationWhether your company needs to translate a single page, a thick user manual, or a presentation for a conference, we are at your disposal. 

We pride ourselves in responding quickly to your requests, respecting your lead times and delivering high-quality translations, while offering prices that are among the most competitive in the industry. We provide the following translations: English Polish translation of business documentation, Polish English translation of HR documentation, Polish English translation of marketing documentation and many more like student register books, certificates, diplomas, other qualifications.

English/Polish translator and interpreter

English Polish interpreterEnglish and Polish interpreter facilitates effective communication between clients in the following settings: large conferences and formal meetings; business functions such as smaller meetings, exhibitions and product launches; criminal justice proceedings, known as public service interpreting or PSI, including police and probation service interviews, court hearings, solicitor interviews, arbitration hearings and immigration tribunals; community-based events and assignments within the education, health and social services sectors. We also offer a professional English-Polish proofreading service. Our areas of expertise: consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, sight translation, written translation in the following settings: criminal courts, Magistrates courts, Youth courts, Crown courts, County Courts, Family, housing, company and consumer law, Tribunals, Employment, Immigration, Social security, Legal professionals, Bail, Prison/probation services, Criminal court, Civil court, Community based sentences, Prisons & young offender institutions, Supervision of prisoners, Assault, Sexual offences, Fraud, Robbery and burglary, Public disorder, Social services, NHS, Accident investigation, Community, Schools, Preschools

Our English/Polish translators work according to the EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services. Every our professional Polish-English translator and Polish-English interpreter is native speaker, degree qualified and registered with official body such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists. By doing this, Polish English translator certifies that every document, sentence and word that he/she worked on is translated and localised to fully reflect its original meaning.

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Company services:

Professional English and Polish translation solutions can involve complex workflow, quality controls and intensive project management. With years of experience serving different companies, government agencies, small- to medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations, we handle all the complexities and you receive highly accurate Polish and English translations at highly competitive rates. It is that simple. Every our English/Polish translator and Polish English interpreter is native speaker of Polish language or English language. This guarantees that the translator or interpreter not only understands the language pair, but also has a first-hand experience and fully grasps your particular sector of business.

The English/Polish Translation Service offers a high quality translation and English/Polish interpreting service with particular expertise in the legal and medical field. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, fast and flexible service at competitive rates.

By specialising in only one pair of languages, we are able to offer you a consistently high level of quality, without the high cost associated with a multilingual agency.

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